Guests of the Hotel Flora can expect a wide range of cultural activities in addition to the amenities of the hotel.

Schlosskeller Clemenswerth

Schlosskeller Clemenswerth

Visit the Schlosskeller Clemenswerth, take some time and get a glimpse of the courtly hustle and bustle of days gone by in a historical ambience.

Castle Cellar Clemenswerth


Stiftskloster BörstelStiftskloster Börstel

Stift Börstel is a former Cistercian convent, which has been home to an ecumenical chapter for almost 400 years. The Freiweltliche Stift is located in the middle of the forest on the road Berge – Herzlake, on the northern edge of the district of Osnabrück.

Stiftskloster Börstel


Waldbühne AhmsenWaldbühne Ahmsen

The Waldbühne Ahmsen – in the east of the Emsland district – has been performing a religiously oriented play year after year since 1949 and since 1964 also a musical for children. The season extends from the end of May to the beginning of September.

Waldbühne Ahmsen



Brennerei Berentzen

Distillery Berentzen

Whenever there’s a reason to celebrate: The Berentzen Court invites you to come. Because with us, pleasure, sociability and joie de vivre are at home.

Berentzen Distillery


open-air stage Meppen

Freilichtbühne MeppenThe Emsländische Freilichtbühne e. V. Meppen is a registered non-profit association with currently 350 active honorary members who have been performing open-air shows on the natural stage in Meppen since 1951.

Open-air stage Meppen



steam train ride

Dampfeisenbahn-FahrtAfter the former Meppen – Haselünner Eisenbahn stopped passenger traffic at the end of 1970, since 1988 you can enjoy a real small train atmosphere between Meppen and Essen(Oldb) again, which you should not miss!

Steam train ride


Meyerwerft in PapenburgMeyerwerft in Papenburg

MEYER WERFT’s visitor centre offers interesting insights into the technically complex processes in shipbuilding.

Meyer Werft in Papenburg